Client Comments

“We have just recently been enriched and rewarded by having Greg speak at our national sales meeting in Washington, DC. Greg shared his personal story of challenges and triumphs, preparations, and the results in pursuing his goals and was truly an inspiration for us all. His lessons appealed to us both personally and professionally and each of us walked away with such great life lessons that in the following days Greg was not only the talk of the town, but quoted in some of our presentations as well. Greg’s story was told with humility, humor, and his audio and visual presentation on screen was extremely well done. Greg truly connects with people across a wide range of experiences and occupations.”

MaryEllen Gluck
Nutricia North America

“Every year we hold an annual thank you event for our customers. The recipe is always the same .... We invite all of our clients, we present something specific to our industry - and a couple of days later - its all very forgettable. These days, clients expect far more than a sales pitch. I wanted to give them something that would evoke an emotional and far more lasting kind of response. Kind of like a gift. I wanted clients to associate the emotion, inspiration and motivation with our company - not just another "same ol, same ol" pitch. So I sought out various 'me too' presenters. They were either too pre-baked - or too expensive. Then I found Greg. He had something that related to our industry yet was fascinating and completely different. And, he offered something that I felt would tap into the little kid in all of us.

Well let me tell you that Greg hit the ball out of the park that evening. When I introduced Greg and told the audience 'there won't be any sales pitches tonight' ... They actually cheered! As Greg drew people in from the first few sentences - you could tell ... Or rather FEEL this was going to be a fun and inspirational message. After the presentation, everyone I spoke to said it was by far the best event we had ever put on. They were all very grateful to have been invited. I can't wait to see what Greg will come up with for next years event!”

Cyrille Armand
Vice President, Professional Services
Metafore IT Solutions

Despite having achieved numerous goals and achievements (3 Olympic Games, 10 World Championships), I found your presentation gave me a new found kick-in-the-pants to reassess my current goals and make sure that I'm aiming high enough!

Robin Clegg
3 time Olympian

Greg lit up the room today through sharing his passion for adventure and pushing BOLD boundaries. His message goes well beyond the physical aspects of his accomplishments and is applicable to many things in our day-to-day lives. I constantly look for inspiration to keep me motivated and challenged - today I found it with Greg at the front of our board room.

Blaine Penny
50 Mile Ultra Marathon Champion
Member of Top 40 Under 40

Whorley Parsons

“Captivating! Greg had the audience from the opening statement….. The best part of the presentation was the realization that a ‘normal everyday person’ can achieve their own ‘greatness’. I was able to take Greg’s experiences, relate to his strategies and see how I could apply them to my own life. Greg helped me to see that I too can and should reach out, be bold, and go for it!”

Carol Short
Insite Systems Consulting Ltd.

“Greg’s presentation was both entertaining and highly inspirational. It was like watching a really great movie, a drama that unfolded before you. Once I was able to catch my breath, I realized that Greg’s message was actually applicable to me too!”

Joanne Quirk-Williams

“Greg’s speech was filled with humour, insight, and inspiration, and left us with a good feeling. He is an engaging speaker and had us wrapped up in his story from beginning to end. We all left the presentation feeling motivated and ready to tackle our next challenge.”

Tammy Wing
Vice President North America

Amidst the doom and gloom we hear in today's media, hearing Greg's inspirational story about his journey using human power was so refreshing. He reminded me that we can still dream big, and face our fears by having the courage and boldness to begin taking steps today toward accomplishing our goals. He reminded me that having a clear vision, having faith in myself and not focusing on the 'how', but keeping the 'why' in the forefront will keep me onward in my journey to discovering my own greatness.

Thanks Greg, for sharing your story and inspiring me....I look forward to hearing how you do with your next journey across the Pacific Ocean!

Divina Paulo

I Enjoyed your presentation. I was inspired to get moving on some back burner projects and went home and took a couple of first steps to get the ball rolling. Actually they are not back burner projects- ideas the I'm excited to work on and make happen but got back burner status as life gets busy. Thanks for the inspiration

Shirley Wright
Remax House

Greg’s presentation was unanimously praised by all in attendance! Greg’s message of taking a “BOLD” approach to life resonated with everyone in the audience and was made all the more powerful by his own remarkable accomplishments. Greg’s charismatic, engaging style with a mix of humour, wisdom and inspiration was a perfect recipe to have our members leave the event feeling uplifted. My sincere appreciation to Greg for making the evening one to remember!

Scott McLeod Executive Director
Central Alberta Rural Manufacturers Association (CARMA)

We had the most wonderful opportunity to have Greg speak to our Top 20 Recipients and Alumni recently. Greg’s speech blew everyone away! He has a way of drawing you into his every word and as a result you feel as if you are reliving his amazing journey with him; the ups, the downs, the failures and triumphs. Greg is so inspiring and connects with every member of the audience regardless of their age and interests. His bold message about having the courage to fail is so powerful and inspires many people to change their lives right in that very moment listening to him. He is by far one of the best speakers I have ever heard and his impact will be felt by me and the rest of the audience for a very long time.  

Jennifer Wilson
Youth in Motion

It was so great to meet you and hear you speak at DOT Conference! I enjoyed your presentation the most.

Jenifer Dawson
DOT Conference

Your talk has been super well received. We are planning to send it to TED for consideration to be featured on My best and thank you for being awesome!

Justin Lee

THANK YOU!!  I am so appreciative for your gift of time and your remarks at our iF event on Monday.  You were awesome!  You added a special and unique dimension to the day and I am so thankful that you said yes. You were so powerful and inspiring – you were THE one to set the tone for the day. Our city and community is richer because of you and what you have done here, and what you shared on Monday.

Adam Legge
Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Client List

Fifth Avenue Financial - New York, NY

Design Our Tomorrow Conference Toronto

Calgary Home Builders Association

Youth in Motion Education Foundation

Central Alberta Rural Manufacturers Association (CARMA)

Remax - Calgary, AB

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Devon Canada - Calgary, AB

Nutricia North America - Washington, DC

Lee, Nolan & Koroghlian - Little Falls, NJ

Information, Systems Audit & Control Association - Calgary, AB

Veer - Calgary, AB

Metafore IT solutions - Calgary, AB

Whorley Parsons - Calgary, AB

CGI Group, Inc - Calgary, AB

Benevity Social Ventures - Calgary, AB

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