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General Information

Why should you book Greg for your next event?

1. Greg is not only an accomplished athlete with 4 world records, he is also an experienced entrepreneur who was a millionaire by the time he was 30 years old. He understands and can identify with challenges that businesses and organizations face. Plus, he grew his companies during two previous recessions, so he is very familiar with this challenging economic environment.

2. They say that the reason to give a speech is to change the world, but Greg's mission is to change lives. His passion is speaking, and he lives for sharing his stories and teaching others how they too can make their dreams come true.

3. Greg's speech will have your audience on the edge of their seats one minute and laughing hysterically the next. He has inspired and entertained a wide range of audiences from sales to CEO's.

4. Greg is very relatable. The subject of many of his stories center around his FAILURES - not just his successes. Before he became the fastest man in the world, he was a 200 lb over weight, unfit guy who almost failed out of high school.

5. Greg teaches that human power is all about doing MORE with LESS which is a fundamental survival tactic in this challenging economic environment.

"Every year we hold an annual thank you event for our customers. The recipe is always the same .... We invite all of our clients, we present something specific to our industry - and a couple of days later - its all very forgettable. These days, clients expect far more than a sales pitch. I wanted to give them something that would evoke an emotional and far more lasting kind of response. Kind of like a gift. I wanted clients to associate the emotion, inspiration and motivation with our company - not just another "same ol, same ol" pitch. So I sought out various 'me too' presenters. They were either too pre-baked - or too expensive. Then I found Greg. He had something that related to our industry yet was fascinating and completely different. And, he offered something that I felt would tap into the little kid in all of us.

Well let me tell you that Greg hit the ball out of the park that evening. When I introduced Greg and told the audience 'there won't be any sales pitches tonight' ... They actually cheered! As Greg drew people in from the first few sentences - you could tell ... Or rather FEEL this was going to be a fun and inspirational message. After the presentation, everyone I spoke to said it was by far the best event we had ever put on. They were all very grateful to have been invited. I can't wait to see what Greg will come up with for next years event!"

Cyrille Armand
Vice President,
Professional Services

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